Rhapsody to Go Playlist Problems

Hi all, just got a Fuze 8G for Christmas and I already had a Rhapsody to Go accout for the girlfriend.  I’ve created a simple 40 song playlist from the To Go subscription account and am having a horrible time transferring that list over to the Fuze.  

Rhapsody recognized the device fine and starts to sync but constantly gets hung up a few songs into the transfer stuck at something like “Downloading and Transferring 2 of 12 Items to Sansa Fuze 8GB  Approximately 2 Min…”  It’ll sit like this for hours if I let it.  I’ll disconnect the device and let it refind it and it still hangs up.  I’ll try to force a transfer and it’ll update the message to “Downloading and Transferring 5 of 12 Items…” or something and then get hung up again.  It’s only 40 songs but it can’t seem to do it.

I’ve done the following…

  1.  Reloaded Rhapsody v4.0 build 4.545

  2.  Updated the Fuze firmware with the Sansa Updater

  3.  Made sure the Fuze was on MTP

  4.  Formatted the Fuze itself

  5.  Deleated temp internet files and radfiile.rcf file

As a side note, I’ve got an Insignia Pilot that has no problems transferring songs or playlists or anything, and it does it very quickly.

Any suggestions, as I’m about to give up on this thing. 

Thanks for your time,


I had Rhapsody for a while and it tended to act up more frequently than I care to remember.  When similar issues to yours happened with my player…besides the things that you have already done; I had to de-authorize my device on the computer and re-authorize it.  This procedure is done within the Rhapsody software.

I just know that my life is so much happier now without Rhapsody…:wink:

Thanks for the reply.  I’ve de- and re- authroized the device a few times and it didn’t seem to help the lock up problems.  The frustrating thing is that Rhapsody seems to work with the Insignia player pretty well but not the Fuze.  Arrrgggg, I guess I’ll keep playing with it for while but patience is definitely running thin.