Problem Transferring Songs from Rhapsody to Go to Fuze

Song transfer hangs up showing, “Downloading and Transferring 4 of 16 items to Sansa Fuze 4G.  Approximate 2 Mins, 51 Secs Remaining” - but  songs stop transferring.  I have trying Formatting, Deauthorizing/Reauthorizing.  I am in MTP mode.  I own one other identical Fuze which does not have this problem.  Appreciate suggestions…

I had this problem in the past too. I went to Rhapsody for support and I’m sorry I don’t have all of the recommendations they gave me, but part of it involved updating the DRM (Digital Rights Management) software. You may want to check with them.

Try resetting the secure clock on the problematic Sansa.

Plug in the Sansa, and then hold the [Ctrl] + [Shift] keys depressed while right-clicking on the Sansa in the sources pane.

Reset Secure Clock   should be an available option. 

Then try transferring a few test tracks to the Sansa.


I’m having a very similar problem transferring files from a Rhaspsody to a 4GB Fuze.  The transfer hangs after 3-4 songs.  I’ve reset the secured clock and it had no effect.  Funny thing is I previously had the exact same Fuze model (got lost) and it worked flawlessly.  Thinking about returning it for another brand if the issue can’t be resolved.  Any suggestions welcome.