Playlists only syncing to internal memory....

This is driving me nuts…I’ve looked all over for the solution and can’t find it.

Have an 8gb Sansa Fuze w/just added 32Gb external memory. Have been using WMP on MTP for years and prefer it.

With a former 16Gb card, it synced fine and did everything fine.

With the added card, the music sync fine but the Playlists no longer appear on the External drive. I’ve tried about all I can do to figure this out.

Any suggestions? (And please, not the “get rid of WMP” or go to MSC or whatever - I tried WinAmp but it just messed up my existing playlists and music library).

Thank you

Is there some way WMP can create autoplaylists by folder? If so, I would reorganize everything into two folder: Internal Memory, and External Memory (with sudirectories further sorting everyting by artist/album). Then anything you want to sync to the Internal Memory, add to the Internal Memory playlist, and so on for the External Memory. Other than that, I suppose the only option you have is to sync everything manually.