Playlist issue - Wish SOMEONE could explain.....

Have an 8 gb Fuze w/32G HCMD. 

Use WMP on MTP to sync music and playlists. Firmware is updated and it is a version 1 player.

I wish someone could tell me why after syncing about 28 or so Gb of music, Playlists on the external drive disappear from the Playlist screen.  Using Windows Explorer shows the Playlists are still on the Fuze, but not showing up.

Can anyone here explain this?

I have tried using other programs, but quit because of player issues (not recognizing all my music that WMP does).

I have tried formatting, re-formatting, et cetera. 

Frankly, I’m to the point of telling anyone who will listen - for a large capacity device “STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM A SANSA PALYER - PERIOD!”

The Fuze is pretty old now. When it came out 32GB MicroSD cards didn’t exist. I don’t even think the 16GB were around.

The Fuze has a limit on the number of songs it can display, so it probably also has a limit on the number of playlists.

If you don’t have the latest (and last) firmware, update using the manual method (no more updates, no Updater needed). And if it it still won’t show all that you want, then you’re pretty much stuck.Maybe its itty-bitty brain can’t handle any more.

So you’re right. It wasn’t made to be a high-capacity device by current standards. Probably one reason it’s not made any more.

Another thing you could try–which may or may not help–is the alternate firmware Rockbox. .

It’s open-source firmware that is presumably very stable now with the Fuze, and if you don’t like it, you can uninstall it by formatting.

How about this then…

Can you explain how/where to put a playlist folder if going the MSC route?  People have typed to put it in the same folder as the music, but for me, doing that has not worked.  I have tried copying the WMP created Playlist from the laptop to the same folder as the music, but the Playlist still does not appear on the screen.

For example, say you have a Zydeco playlist created in WMP. Do you just copy that from Windows Explorer to the Music folder on the player, or do you have to modify the Playlist to tell it where to look for the music since you are moving it from your library to the player?  And if this is the case, how do you modify that? 

I’ve tried to find out if there is a limit to the number of Playlists, but the odd thing is, after syncing the music, all of my Playlists are working on the Internal Memory and only one on the External.  All the others have disappeared.

For what it does, the Fuze is a great piece of equipment, but this is just driving me bonkers. 

Thank you so much…

PLA format playlists (the kind WMP makes) go in the Playlists folder on you player. These can incorporate music from both the internal memory and external memory card.

M3U format playlists go in the Music folder (player or card) alongside your music. This format can only contain files from one source; either your internal memory or external card, but not both. So if your playlist is comprised of music from your internal memory, you would put the playlist file in the Music folder of your player. If it’s a playlist of music from your memory card, you  would put that playlist file in the Music folder on your card.

I don’t know if there is a limit to the number of playlists, although there is a limit as to the number of tracks you can put in each playlist. On the Fuze, I believe it is 1,000 tracks.

Your complaint is not unique though, we’ve heard from several people over the years that have had the same problem. Music/playlists “synced” with WMP disappear from the memory card, leaving only the 1st one created.

I’m not sure there is an easy solution. I don’t have my Fuze anymore, but I use a 2-step process that works on my e200 series and Clip+ and Clip Zip players, so i assume it would also work on the Fuze. I create .m3u format playlists in Winamp. Since the music I tend to put in playlists generally happen to be spread between the 2 memory sources and I don’t feel like juggling them around, I then convert them to a .pla format (with a converter program) so the player will read the tracks from either the internal memory or the card.

Your mileage (and needs) may differ, but it works for me.

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THANK YOU.  It does look like the Fuze will only allow a certain number of Playlists. Haven’t figured out what the magic number is, but after combining and deleting playlists, many of them came back on a refresh.

Thank you again…