All Playlist problems started w/32GB MDHC

Can anyone offer any help on this issue?

All my playlist problems started with the use of an external 32 GB card.  Use Windows 7 and WMP and have the syncing set to MTP.

All my playlists sync fine to the internal memory.  It’s hit and miss - mainly miss - with the card.  Windows Explorer shows the playlists are present on the external card, but in two files - a PLA file and REFS file.  However, while using Windows Explorer, the files on the external drive do not show contents like they do on the Internal memory (those files show the listing of songs in the one pane). 

The Playlists on the External drive also seem to disappear when music is added. 

Previously with a 16 GB card, I had none of these problems.

I have tried updating firmware, re-formatting, re-loading and about all I can think to try. 

Evidently it is BS these devices can property support a 32 GB card because I’ve had nothing but trouble since using one (and I used the one suggested program to show it is a valid card). 

Frustrated as heck…thanks…