Someone explain why 16g supports more Playlists then 32 Gb

I have a Sansa Disk Fuze V1 8gb player.

I went from a 16GB external card to a 32Gb card and have been having nothing but troubles.

So can someone tell me why the 32Gb card is such a pain and also, WHY I can put 30 plus Playlists on the External card but have been having a helluva time with the 32 Gb card?

“such a pain” is kind of a vague description. Maybe you explained in more detail what is giving you trouble someone could give you advice.

Where do I start?

I bought a 32GB card (tested and it is a good card) and have had nothing but problems.  Sync with WMP in MTP mode.  With the past 16gb card, not one problem. 

With this card, it seems I can sync only so many playlists on the external card before the others start “disappearing.” When the card is looked at with Windows Explorer, the Playlist files are all there.  For some reason the Fuze is not detecting them or something.

I have removed the 32 gb card and put the 16gb card back in and all the Playlists are there (over 30). 

I have also tired Win Amp, MM, Music Bee - all with a variety of problems - empty playlists et cetera. 

I’ve updated the Firmware version, too…to the current V01 version (with the letter “A” at the end). 

So I’m beginning to wonder if Sansa Fuzes can even support at 32 Gb card and if this was just a way for San Disk to sell more 32 Gb cards to consumers.

Thanks for any help (by the way, I’ve searched the message boards here and at ABI, too)…

I know long playlists are skipped by the firmware. Perhaps yours are too long? Alternatively, its also possible theres some maximum number of playlists allowed as well and you’re just hitting that now that you have enough music on the 32GB card. I don’t know much about the sandisk software.

As you will see from the manual,

all it says is that the slot supports 4GB and “higher capacities.” The 32GB cards did not exist yet.  

Have you tried Rockbox?