Playlists are 1GB? Also, song rating problems

Salutations everyone,

Vague from-a-computer-illiterate-person info:

-Windows XP

-Windows Media Player (I just re-downloaded it, so it should be the latest version?)

-Sansa Fuze 2GB with the 1.02.26A firmware (the updater has nothing else for me to download, so I assume this is the latest version as well)

-attempting to use a 4GB SD card

-I’ve been using MTP mode for all of the transferring to the SD card, and I used MSC mode when I was trying to update the firmware. 

The story: 

I recently tried to use a MicroSD card to expand the memory on my Fuze, and I’ve apparently done something terrible, because now all kinds of things are messed up. I can’t remember everything I’ve done or tried, but here’s my best attempt at a run-down:

At first, I just loaded the songs onto the card from my computer, without going through the player. That didn’t work, so I found the proper instructions, followed them, and got the songs on the SD card to show up on the player. Yay! Something was still messed up though (there were duplicate songs, or they weren’t all showing up, or something like that) so I decided it would be better to erase all the songs off the card and all the songs off the internal memory and start over fresh. When I finished doing that, the internal memory still had about half the songs on it, WMP couldn’t find any songs on it, and if I checked the properties of the internal memory, that said it was full. WAT. I eventually resolved this problem by formatting the internal memory and deleting stuff off the card from my computer (not on WMP). 

Then I tried re-uploading everything to the SD card (through the player) for the sake of simplicity. That worked! Yay! But I had forgotten to upload the playlists – no problem, right? Wrong. When I would drag the playlists over to the sync list (namely my one super-long playlist), it would say that the memory would be full after syncing. Initially I thought it was lying to me, so I synced anyway. It wasn’t lying. It got through duplicating about 200 songs before it became filled and stopped the sync. I’ve tried dragging and dropping my playlists without using WMP, but all of my playlists are .wpl files, and the ones that are on the Fuze are something else (it looks like there are maybe two files associated with each playlist on the Fuze?), and the dragged-and-dropped .wpl files don’t show up on the player. I found a bunch of old posts here saying that I should use Winamp. I downloaded that, but every time I clicked on it to open it, it would flash on the screen for a second and disappear. I uninstalled, re-downloaded, and re-installed it, and the same thing happened. 

I have re-formatted the internal memory a few times, I have deleted all the music files on both the SD card and the internal memory multiple times, and re-uploaded all of my music onto it multiple times. If I sync all of my music with all of my playlists at the same time, it will all go on there properly, BUT the song ratings don’t work. (This is on the SD card – I’ve seen old posts that said it might be a firmware problem. Has this not been resolved yet?) If I sync all the songs, and then try to sync the playlists, it seems like it wants to add all the songs on the playlist, even though they’re already on the SD card – this is why it fills up. The same thing happens if the playlist is already on the player, and I drag it over to re-sync it for any changes I’ve made. I really really really don’t want to have to delete and re-add all of my music and playlists every time I want to alter or add a playlist. 

tl;dr version:

  1. Song ratings don’t show up for music on the SD card. Is this definitely a firmware problem, and has it not been resolved yet?

  2. If I sync a playlist in WMP, it tries to add all the songs on the playlist to the memory, even though they’re all already there. Am I doing something stupid/wrong, or is there a way to make it not do that? 

Thanks for reading, and for any insight you can provide. I apologize for any computer sins I may have committed out of ignorance and desperation.