Available Memory Discrepancy

when my 4gb fuze is on Windows Media Player it shows 197 mb of memory remaining.   According to My Computer it has 2.05 gb remaining.  I have no idea which is right or why the discrepancy.  Anybody have an explanation.  

Do you have an SD card? When I look at my set up in my computer it compiles the avalible remaining space while WMP splits it up between the devices

No sd card.  Info on player itself seems to agree with My Computer.  Maybe it has something to do with sync.  I used that in WMP and it tried to load every picture on my computer onto the Fuze.  I took them all off but they still show on the sync list.  I thought when I deleted them from the sync list they would disappear but they stayed on the list with some notation like removed from player.

Unplug the player from the computer, And then plug it back in. It should clear that out.

I put another album on it and it seemed to have healed itself.  Then I deleted all the pictures it added again, everything we put on the computer since the last sync, and it said I had 300mb memory left…  Before deleting them it said there was 1.7gb.  So I figured it was a Windows quirk, not the Fuze. Looked back here and saw the unplug and plug back in suggestion and tried that.  It worked, back to 2gb available memory.  No idea why it worked or why there was a problem to begin with.  Obviously a  Windows thing that probably makes sense to someone but not me.  Thank you Conversion Box for your help.