Music taking up too much space, why?

I have a 2gig SD card filled with about 1 gig of music in another player.  When I put the same music on my Fuze 4gig player, it took over 2gigs.  Can anyone tell me why it is taking up so much more space, and is there a way I can reduce the space it is taking?


How are you transferring them to your Fuze?

WMP, which is the same program I used to put the music on the SD card.

WMP might be sneaking some additional files over if you are telling it to ‘sync’ and there have been more files added to the computer siince you transferred songs the 1st time. And it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s just song files; it could be photos, videos, anything.

Check the INFO under the SETTINGS menu on one player with the card inserted vs. the other (also with same card). The INFO screen will show you the total number of songs (both int. & card). Are the counts the same?

I don’t mees around with WMP or MTP except to use WMP to rip CD’s. Otherwise, it’s just too sneaky for me.

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