Eaten memory

Hi! I’ve got a problem with my Sansa Fuze 8gb. Few Weeks ago I’ve thought about changing the music I had on my player so I connected it to the PC, deleted all files, chose new ones and I wanted to copy them on the Fuze, yet it showed me I don’t have enough space what was kind of wierd becouse I chose only 6gb. I wanted to format it, but even after formating it showed me that I have only 5,5gb free, other 2,5gb was being used. Downloaded my music but after another week or so I lost some of the music, it now shows me that I have about 2,8gb of free space, rest is being used all the time. Formating doesn’t help, updating the firmware doesn’t help either. Any sugestions?

How exactly are you formatting it? it’s best to use the on-board Format option in the Settings menu and let it format itself.

Onboard formatting should do it.

Otherwise, go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and connect to your computer in both MSC and MTP and look around.

Files can be transferred either way, but your computer can only see one mode at a time. If your Fuze was on Auto Detect, and you were using various computers, some files probably went over via MSC and some via MTP–so some are invisible when you connect.

Set it to MSC, which works with every computer, and you’ll always be able to see everything.

But onboard formatting should wipe it clean, both modes.