Not enough space for music DB

Received  2GB Fuze as gift preloaded with 1.87 GB music and a few photo files. Appeared to be working properly at this point. In windows explorer (XP) directories and files displayed as if on hard disk. After visiting the Best Buy web site that was on the install disk everything stopped working. When I turn it on I get this message: “Not enough space for music DB. Please free 90 MB”

Now when going back to windows explorer directories still show up but each now shows nothing in them. At same time if run properties on entire driveit shows 0 free space remaining. Each individual directory shows a zero - noting contained. Five small system files do show up - mtable.sys; res_info.sys etc.

Did not knowingly download anything from BestBuy but cannot sear to it


This is a knows issue for Fuze. You might want to try and delete about 90mb of memory then this will let the device do Data Base Refresh. Good Luck.

Thanks for the reply. Would readily do so except that each of the directories individually show zero bytes used even though the total for all is 100%. If regular hard drive would suspect corrupted fat. If all else fails guess will have to reformat. Hate to loose some of the stuff on the card though. Next time vow that I really will back up everything and prmptly.

Try go to MSC and see if you can see those file or delete 1 file at a time in the player.

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hi, I assum you conntected your player in MTP mode first and transferred to full. the reason why you can’t see any of the files is that when that free 90DB message shows up, it switches your player into MSC mode. Both modes are treated differently on windows and show two seperate roots, even if it shares the same memory. Because your data is on MTP mode, and you can’t force set the device to MTP mode, you won’t be able to access your data from MSC mode.

You’ll have to do an explorer format (sorry you won’t be able to back up whatever you transferred). when you connect the device, right click on your sansa fuze drive and choose format. a window will pop up and choose format. when the format is complete, unplug the device so that the device will refresh.

Hope that helps out. 

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Thanks for the info. Did manage to retrieve and save files to hard disk using a freeware utility : PC Inspector File Recovery. Not as user friendly and perhaps not as complete as some, but it did the job. Had to experiment a little between fat1 (corrupted), fat2 and no fat. Wish sandisk website covered these situations a little and perhaps even provided custom utilities.

I’m having the same problem, except I use a mac computer, is there anything I can do with a mac to format it?

Macs bugger up Sansas beyond repair if you attempt to format the device using them. You need a Windows machine!

I just want to say thank you soooo much thoma you totally saved my sansa and my sanity!