Playlists not syncing from Windows Media Player

My music synced over with no problem but my playlists are nowhere to be found. I’ve updated the firmware, too. Any suggestions? I’ve got it set on automatic mode for the usb.

I use Media Monkey and have the same problem. I even tried a memory card from my other player that I KNOW has playlists on it and the Zip Clip doesn’t find them.

Answers please?!

To locate your playlists, on the device, go to Music > Playlists.

I have had no difficulties building and syncing playlists from Windows Media Player to the device, simply drag and drop your playlist to the Sync pane, then click on Start Sync.  WiMP will then transfer your playlist and files to the device.

Bob  :wink:

That’s what I did! Music and artwork are there but when I go to playlists there is nothing there.

That is the SAME problem I have. The music and artwork get synced, but not the playlists.

I even tried  a 2 MB card that I use in my other Sansa player that I know has working playlists on it, and the Clip Zip doesn’t find them.

I am getting VERY frustrated. I have a very large music collection, and it is difficult to find specific things so I like to make long playlists that will run for 4 or 5 hours.

For what it’s worth … in MTP mode, you should be able to find your internal memory playlists using Windows Explorer at My Computer\Sansa Clip Zip 8GB\Internal Memory\Playlists … might want to see if they’re there, but for some reason the Clip Zip isn’t seeing them.  I assume playlists on an expansion card are at My Computer\Sansa Clip Zip 8GB\External Memory\Playlists or something like that.

Also verify that the paths within your playlists are correct.  For example, I think you’ll have problems if a playlist on your expansion card references songs in the internal memory, and vice-versa.

Please go through the below steps and make sure that if you have done the same :-

Before you can synchronize playlists to your Sansa® MP3 player, you need to show Windows Media Player where your songs are located.

Adding Music Files to Library

  1. Click the arrow next to the Organize tab. Highlight Manage libraries and select
  2. Make sure My Music or Public Music is selected then click Add in order to select
    content. Once finished, click OK.

Note: In the Add to Library dialog box, select one of these options
My Music:
Use this option to monitor the digital media files stored in your personal Music
folder as well as any files stored in the public Music folders that everyone who
uses your computer has access to.
Public Music:
Use this option to monitor the digital media files stored in your personal Music
folder, the files stored in the public Music folders, as well as the files stored in
the personal Music folders that belong to other users on your computer.

Creating Playlists

  1. Launch Windows Media Player.
  2. Click the arrow on the Library Tab then select Create Playlist.
    Music 17
  3. Click here to add playlist (1) and change the name of your Playlist that will appear
    under the playlist tab of the left side menu (2).
  4. Click Music from your Library then highlight selected song and right click on the
    content and scroll down to highlight Add to and scroll down the “Add to” list to
    highlight the name of the Playlist that you want to direct the content.
    Transferring Playlists
    To transfer playlists to your Sansa MP3 player, follow these steps:
  5. Connect your Sansa player to the PC.
  6. Drag and drop playlist to Sync Tab on the right hand side and press “start sync”

The current firmware (v01.01.18) has issues with playlists saved to the device in MSC mode.

You can install an older firmware to get playlists to work:

(or put the Clip Zip in MTP mode)

Your post is really old, so you probably don’t need help anymore, but thought I’d reply, in case others find it when looking for help. I finally figured out to get Windows Media Player to actually transfer the playlists to the Sansa Cip Zip, I had to first set up the Sansa to sync to my library in Windows Media Player.

It was no problem after that simple little step I missed. And I could choose to sync to the device or the sd card after I “set up to sync”. I know others had trouble getting playlists to the sd card.

I think some of the devices are faulty and this is why some people have no problem and others do. I have two devices: one black one white. The white one always reads everything on a memory card and syncs as well as can be expected with windows media player. The black one sometimes just ignores the contents of a memory card (even after I pop the card in and out again) and syncs erratically with windows media player. Go figure. But there has to be a reason so many people have posted about quirky devices.

I was having the same problems since I bought my Clip Zip a month ago, but solved them by installing Rockbox.

Even if you use only a fraction of the features it offers I think it’s definitely worth trying out.  You can easily go back to the original firmware if you want to.

Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. I struggled with this for such a long time until I came across your post and that did the trick. I had to dink around in the sync set up but you led me in the right direction. You’re awesome!

what method worked? I tried to attempt all of these the best I could. I down loaded the recomended AVS Audio convertor ok now what? the instructions left me hanging.