I have  a 4g player that i just recently added an 8g microSD card to.   I am using window media player to sync with my player.  I’ve been unable to add playlists to the external disk for some reason.  The sync process will sync my playlist songs to the drive but not the list itself. 

Anyone have this issue?  Is this a Windows Media player issue? Sansa clip issue?  Any suggestions?

If you have a Clip Zip, there seems to be playlist issues. Sandisk is aware of the problem and we’re waiting on a fix via a firmware update. No word on when it may be available,

I can tell you what worked for me, although I can’t promise it will work for you:

Personally, I’m sticking to the older firmware until I get word that they’ve got a playlist-compatible update.

I found a site with directions that worked.

In Windows Media Player after clicking the sync tab on the right side, disregard what it says in the sync list area and drag the playlist you created from the tree on the left side of the screen to the sync list area.  Worked for me.  I be jammin

Everytime I try to add a playlist (.m3u or .wpl) it says that the file type is not recognized. I’ve tried what was suggested above, but it won’t work. Is there any way to fix this? Is there another playlist file type that I can use?