Problems with Syncing Playlists

I’m having problems syncing/updating playlists, from WMP 12, to my Sansa Clip+.

If I add a song, to the corresponding WMP playlist, and then try to sync it to the Clip+; the Clip+'s playlist almost never updates (the added song(s) don’t show up). The sync results show “Already on Device.” The only workaround, I’ve found, is to format the microSD card, then resync everything. But, the resyncing takes alot of time.

Also, everything is on the microSD card. I have nothing in the internal memory. I also am running the latest firmware.

I looked through the forums this morning, but, didn’t really see anything similar. That leads me to believe I’m doing something wrong…?

Thanks for any help,


No, you’re probably not doing anything wrong; it’s probably WMP. This program is not too well regarded around here and most have learned not to use it due to it’s many quirks and/or flaws.

Thanks. But aside from WMP, is there any software that is receommended and is proven to sync playlists with no problems?

Foobar2000, Media Monkey & Winamp are probably the 3 most popular media programs out there. With or without the need to “sync”.