Winamp Playlists a different problem...


I have imported my playlists (only not music) into winamp as .m3u from itunes using a great program called itunes export. I have a 8Gb clip+ with external 8Gb card I am trying to sync too. I have divided the playlists up between device and external card and am trying to sync in mtp mode. (Clip+ has latest firmware and winamp alatest version using windows 7 64 bit)

Part way though the sync Winamp stops working and I have to format the card and start again. I have tried a few playlists and they have been successful (no empty lists or anything) Any ideas? My music is kept on a Western digital external network drive organised via itunes.

Regards Fugi

I have found the answer to my problem there was a rogue track that had an extended title hidden in the tag whuch caused winamp to crash!!

Having removed this I have now synced both the internal & external memory successfully BUT I now have another problem. I decided to add another playlist but Winamp will now not re-discover the Sansa since the syncs it just sits “discovering devices” I uninstalled & reinstalled Winamp to no avail. Any thoughts??