I'm having a strange problem syncing my 4GB Sansa Clip+ with Winamp

Sansa Clip+ 4 Gigabyte

MTP mode

32GB MicroSDHC

Windows 7 64-bit Winamp(no additional plugins)

I recently bought a new 4GB Sansa Clip+ with a 32GB MicroSD card. Using Winamp, I synced my library to the SD card. Everything went as expected, no problems to report, I could play every  song perfectly.

But now, whenever I try to sync the player’s SD card, Winamp doesn’t seem to recognize the files that it had previously synced. A window tells me that there are X number of songs on the Sansa Clip+ that aren’t in the library, and prompts me to delete them, leave them, or cancel.(pic of the window below)

Basically, Winamp is telling me over and over to delete and re-sync a load of songs that are already on the player, which is extremely time-consuming and tedious when all I want is to sync an album or two. This happens even if I plug the device out, let it refresh, and plug it back in to sync again.

If anyone had this same problem and would be willing to share the solution, it would do me a huge favor. Thank you.

What happens if you tick the Copy them to the Local Media Library button?

It behaves strangely. I’ll try to go into detail as much as I can.

First off, I built my music library simply by dumping a whole bunch of music(not organized in any particular way) into my Music folder, and scanning that for music files. So, the files are all organized in my Winamp library, but if I were to open the Music folder, it wouldn’t be organized in any particular way(some albums are folders inside folders, some are standalone folders themselves, some branch of into folders inside folders inside folders, etc.)

When I hit “Delete them”, Winamp deletes the files it doesn’t recognize and then afterwards it syncs those same files back onto the Sansa Clip, which could take up to two hours.

When I hit “Leave them”, Winamp leaves the files alone and instead syncs them all over again, overwriting and replacing them. So these two options have the same outcome.

When I hit “Copy them to the Local Media Library”, Winamp creates new folders in the My Music folder(named by album) and copies the songs to those, so I would basically have two copies of every song. Well, honestly, that’s to be expected, since I don’t organize my music files a specific way and I can’t tell Winamp what to do with the ones that it doesn’t recognize and wants to copy to the Library.

So, the next thing I could try would be to copy the files off of the Sansa Clip+ and delete the originals, but before I go through the trouble of doing that, I did notice something awfully peculiar…

Some of the songs I have in my library have different “Track” tags. In my library, I have some of them as “Track #/Total #” instead of just “Track #”. Perhaps the Sansa Clip+ reformats the Track tag when files are transfered, and this might be the cause of the discrepancy…

Unfortunately that wasn’t the issue. I retagged all the music files yet the problem still persists. I also reinstalled Winamp. No dice. I don’t know what my Sansa Clip/MicroSD card is doing to those files that makes them unrecognizable. I would appreciate any more insight. It’s such a pain to have to wait an extra two hours for no reason every time I sync my library to my Sansa.

I’m having a strange problem syncing my 4GB Sansa e260 , It does not accept sync all my files

Never mind, I figured it out. Turns out the solution was to set the USB mode to MSC instead of MTP. Who would’ve thought?

Thanks for any assistance.