weird sync behavior with my 8gb sansa clip+ in winamp

i’m not sure if this is a sansa question or a winamp question, so i’m posting my issue to both forums.

i have an 8gb sansa clip+, with about 300 mp3s on the built-in memory (no sd card)

i am using winamp 5.56

my clip’s usb setting are set to auto, and when plugged in defaults to mtp and prompts me for an action. in winamp my sansa shows up successfully as a portable device.

here’s where things get a little weird.

when browsing the media library and seeing all my available music, there’s a ton of… empty entries, which, when played, are actually duplicate songs. if i enqueue them to a playlist, they’re listed as ?a=&l=&t=&d=SanDisk%20Sansa%20Clip%2b;… and when played changes to pmp58a3 and played the song. there’s about ten of them at the begining of the playlist and they all play the same song. riddled through out the playlis, the “song” is often listed in that string of stuff. example:

Tool -Schism

would appear as…

Tool - ?a=Tool&l=Schism&t=&d=SanDisk%20Sansa%20Clip%2b

and again, several songs are repeated…

does anyone know why winamp is behaving this way with my clip+, or how i can fix it? everything else about my sansa is working normally. none of the files on the device are repeated and everything is laying and showing up normally on the device itself.