Playlist Problems (Again)

After much trial and error I finally managed to get a playlist to work on the Clip, problem is I run out of space on the Clip and bought a 32GB card and moved all the music to the card, using the same procedure as before, I put all the files from the card on the Winamp playlist and saved it and it wont play the files, just shows ‘empty’ when selecting it, any way round this when using a card? The random seed generator on the Clip is none to good really so I put all of one genre on a playlist, 14 artists, about 537 tracks, trying to play by genre for Hard Rock just seems to come up with most of the artists playing in album order.



I don’t use playlists, but here’s a step-by-step from a Winamp user. Kind of verbose…skip down to “Let’s Get Started.”  It’s for the Clip Zip so references to the unit’s driveletter are CLIPZ rather than SANSA CLIP, but it should work the same.

I noticed this while I was skimming it, about choosing Winamp default settings. Maybe this is your problem.

  • Change the Playlist Writing Options to “Dot at start of paths”.  (If you don’t, the playlists synced to the Clip Zip will be mysteriously empty.)