Issues with playlists in Sansa Clip Go

Playlists imported from Winamp have some issues in my new Sansa Clip Go. I recently did a major overhaul on my music collection (recoded CD cuts at 360bps, gain normalize with mp3Gain, resized all album art & embedded with mp3Tag). I then recompiled my playlists with Winamp targeting the updated music collection on my PC hard drive. All the Winamp playlists played every tune. I then copied that music folder to my new Sansa Clip Go in the Music folder there. I then edited the Winamp playlists in Notepad, replacing the C: drive root with “Music” and downloaded the edited playlists into the Music folder of the Sansa. About 98% for the tunes played OK from the playlists but many didn’t. One of the problems was that the Sansa will not play a tune from a playlist if there is a hash tag (#) in the song’s title. Plays OK from album or artist. Deleting the # in the mp3 files and playlists fixed these instances.
Another issue is that the Sansa does not seem to play tunes from the second or third disk folders of a multi-disk album when called from a playlist. Tunes with Vol. 2 or [Disc 3] in their filename are just skipped. Most of these were in the Compilations folder remnant from iTunes days. Not sure if that was a factor. The workaround I used was to move all of the tunes from the disk two (and three) folder into the disk one folder and delete any disk 1 nomenclature from the folder name. Then I edited the affected playlists to point to the newly named folder. This worked.
So this is disappointing as the goal was to finally have the same music folder structure and the same playlists on all my music devices (PC, Sansa, car). I suppose I could go back and adjust my PC folder structure the way Sansa likes it and recompile the playlists there and maybe achieve compatibility that way. I am now wondering what my car’s music system will complain about. Suggestions are welcome! Olderguy

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