Playlist redirects to GoList.

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My 2GB Clip will take some playlists (M3U and WMP11) and redirect them to the GoList.  It’s happened on all of the firmware revisions, including the latest .29. 

I can recreate the broken playlists by changing the orders of songs, and giving it a new playlist name.  Sometimes that will fix the playlist, but when it does, usually results in a previously good playlist redirecting to the GoList.

Anyone else experience this?  I doubt it’s hardware (intermittent button action) because it happens to the same playlists until I change the files names around. 



I guess another thing I’m curious of is, does anyone else have 28 playlists?  I thought maybe that’s too many for the Clip to handle.  (359 MP3 files)

Anyone know how much RAM the clip has (and is there a certain amount that’s allocated to the UI), and if it has the ability to use its flash as swap if it runs out?



Turns out, certain playlist numbers (e.g. 23rd playlist down) will redirect… 

So the workaround for now is to put empty playlists in those spots.  For example, if the playlist 23 “Melissa M” is causing trouble, add an empty playlist “Mel1” so that it takes the 23rd spot, which bumps “Melissa M” down to the 24th spot, which works.  

Start from the top and do it until every playlist you want is in a spot that doesn’t redirect to the GoList.  

This took a while to figure out because changing things around, the playlists that break seemed to be very random.   

Now there’s an interesting find indeed!  Bug finds like this can also be sent to SanDisk Technical Support by e-mail.  Send your findings / suggestions to

The only way they would find out about quirks is by browsing the forums regularly, and that takes quite a bit of time.

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quite an interesting problem, but I can’t seem to produce it.  I have 100 m3u’s on device. however each m3u has 10 songs.

I also uploaded 2000 songs once and had a playlists ranging from 10-2000. They all seem to play fine with the new firmware.

Can you explain what you mean about broken playlist, and what you do to get directed to Golist (ie: did you begin playback of a playlist and than it went to golist). 

Thanks for taking interest!

What happens to some of my playlists is:

I scroll down to a certain position (e.g. playlist 23), click on it, and it goes to my GoList, which is empty.  I know it’s the GoList because it says GoList up top (instead of the one I clicked on) and it will also display whatever is in my GoList.

The M3Us work fine if I plug it in (in MSC mode) and open it using WinAmp.  The M3U entries also point to the right drive (I’m sure WinAmp is playing out of the Clip, and not a local hard drive).  

So the workaround I’ve been using is to put empty playlists in the positions that seem to redirect.  

I have 32 playlists, and the largest playlist has 42 songs.  Deleteing comments and some tags from the ID3 seems to help sometimes, and might possibly have reduced the number of playlists that redirect to the GoList.  



Really strange issue.  How did you create the playlists?  I noticed you mentioned Winamp.  If you used Winamp’s Portable Sync feature, the playlists won’t work on the Clip.  In this case, Winamp puts absolute paths in the playlist, but the Clip (and I think all Sansas) requires the paths to be relative to the location of the playlist.

For example, if the playlist is in the root of the Clip and your files are in \MUSIC\<Artists>\<Album> folders, the paths in the playlist must look like MUSIC\<Artists>\<Album>\<Title>.mp3 (note there is no leading backslash).  If the playlist is in the \MUSIC folder the paths should look like <Artists>\<Album>\<Title>.mp3.  No matter where the playlist is located, Winamp will always use full paths like \MUSIC\<Artists>\<Album>\<Title>.mp3.

I use Winamp to Sync my Clip and Fuze and have to run a little script to fix up the playlists after syncing because of this issue.  I actually haven’t checked this behavior in the new FW, but it definitely worked this way in the previous version.

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I created the WinAmp M3U playlists by dragging the files into the playlist editor, and then saving the playlists to the root of the Clip.

The paths are full (without a leading back slash) but it works because the playlists are all located in root.

Perhaps something in one or two of my MP3s is hitting the limits of whatever file format the Sansa uses to catalog and causes incomplete information to be written to the beginning of the next playlist section? (which then has be skipped because it redirects, somehow)

My Clip has some very old MP3s in there so that might be why I’m the only one seeing this problem. The oldest is probably from 1999 or so.


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