Sansa Clip+ MicroSD card playlist problem

I have a problem with my new Sansa Clip+.  I’ve been reading on different forums that other people have a similar problem, too, but none of the solutions they offer work for me.  To summarize.  I am in the process of switching from iPod/iTunes, to MP3s playable on any device.  Over 90% of my music is unprotected m4a (iTunes).  I downloaded Winamp, which was wonderful the way it converted my music from m4a to MP3 when it loaded my Clip+. But, I cannot get a playlist to work on my Sansa external SD Card, no matter what I do.  I’ve tried MSC, MTP, AutoDetect modes, I’ve tried exporting the playlist from Winamp, then copying manually to the Music folder on the Clip+.  I’ve tried manually creating a Playlist (this isn’t really an option as I have about 30-40 playlists, and about 3,000 songs).  I’ve tried using Playlist Creater.  But, no matter what I do, the playlists, if they show up on the Sansa at all, are always empty.  The main use of my Clip+ is for Audible audiobooks - the internal memory is filled with books.  I use the slot for both SlotRadio cards and for a 16gb micro SDHC card (Sandisk, or course).  The music plays fine from the card if I play it by artist, album, genre, etc,  but not by playlist.  Any help would be greatly appreciated - I don’t want to go back to iPods!  I love my Clip+!

As long as you’re already familar with Winamp, maybe this could help.