Problems with playlists on Clip+


  I’m having some problems with creating playlists on the Sansa Clip+ (4GB).  I have some MP3’s on the internal memory and I have no problem with creating playlists for those files.  But I also have some MP3’s on my 8GB MicroSD card (made by SanDisk by the way) and I have not been able to create playlists for those files. 


   Let me clarify; I can create the playlists for the MP3’s on the MicroSD card but no matter where I store those playlists (internal memory or the card itself) I have problems.  If I store the playlists on the internal memory the contents of those playlists disappears if I unplug the card.  The playlists are still there but they are empty.  If I store the playlists on the MicroSD card (where the MP3 files are) and later unplug the card, the playlists themselves are changed into something completely different.  The names of the files are changed to something starting with a whole bunch of numbers and the playlists are not even recognizable.


   I’m also having the same problem when I copy MP3’s directly to the MicroSD card - the names are all changed and there are a bunch of extra junk files added.  The problem becomes worse if I put the music in folders on the MicroSD card.  At least if they are all in the same folder I can get rid of the junk files.    


   I should probably mention that I am not using the crazy method that they recommend in the user manual syncing with Windows Media Player.  It takes too long and it’s too complicated.  Instead I just select the songs that I want in any particular playlist (which I copied to my MicroSD card from my PC) and right click on any of the selected files and a context menu pops up and gives you the option to Create a Playlist - (in Windows XP SP3). 

   It works just fine on the internal memory.  That’s the way I did it on my regular Sansa Clip and it worked without any problem at all.  But it will not work with any of the files on my MicroSD card.  Am I doing something wrong?  Or is my MicroSD card not working properly?

   Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks. 

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You might try Dunny’s creation, YAPL.

Try using Mp3tag.

I use it to create multiple playlists as all my music is on my 16GB SDHC card.

What is the procedure that you use to create permanent playlists with the MP3Tag program for the contents on your MicroSD card?   I ask because because MP3Tag will not let me add the MicroSD card (or any folders on it) as a directory, so it doesn’t see my MP3’s on the card to be able to create the playlists.  The playlists have to be with the music on the card don’t they?  Or do you store your playlists on the internal memory? 

Like I said, I can create the playlists but if I take the card out to put in my SlotRadio card, and then later switch back to my MicroSD card - Poof! - all the playlists are empty!  And changing the USB mode made no difference.  I’ve tried them all.

This is very frustrating.   I should not have to re-write all my playlists every time I change the card.  I bought the Clip+ because of the MicroSD card capability and gave away my 4GB Clip.  Now I’m stuck with an MP3 player which I can not create playlists for - at least playlists for the card contents.  And that’s where most of my music is stored - on the card.

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Okay, I’ve solved the problem I’ve been having creating permanent playlists for the MP3’s stored on my MicroSD card.

What I found out is that the new Clip+ doesn’t seem to like playlists created in Windows Explorer (i.e; select songs / right click / choose "Create Playlists) with the .pla file extension. 

That works fine for any MP3’s that are stored on the internal memory but not for files stored on the card.  

I use a free program called Playlist Creator 3.6 to create playlists in .m3u format.  This is the format that works for MP3’s on the MicroSD card. 

I make the playlists in the folder that my music is stored ON MY PC - then I copy that .m3u playlist to the folder ON THE MicroSD CARD where my MP3’s are (the ones in the playlist I just created). 

You _ must _ copy the playlist to the same folder your music is in (on the card).  As long as the MP3’s are in the same folder as the .m3u playlist - the playlist will find them.    

Now, the playlist will appear to be empty if you try to open them in Windows but don’t worry about that - it will still work.  The info is still there.  And the playlists keep the info and the names you give them even if you remove the card and later put it back in.  Hope this is helpful to someone else.  

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FWIW, I found Playlist Creator to work much, much faster than MP3Tag!

PC is an excellent little program!