Can't find the playlists I created on my clip

I used these boards to help me figure out how to creae playlists using Windows Media player, synced them to the connected Clip 2g, disconnected it and then tried to find the playlists and all there is under playlist on the clip is an empty “Go” list, whatever that is. Help!

This is copied from the Sansa Support Knowledgebase



How do I create and transfer playlists into my MP3 player using Windows Media Player 11?


STEP 1 - Connect the Sansa player in MTP mode  to the PC

STEP 2 - Add music files to WMP Library

  1. Run Windows Media Player.
  2. Click the arrow below the Library tab.
  3. Make sure Music is selected then click Add to Library.
  4. In Add to Library dialog box, click one of the following options then click OK.
        - My personal folders:
        - My folders and those of others that I can access:

STEP 3 - Create a playlist
1. Run Windows Media Player.
2. Click Create Playlist located in the top left corner.
3. Type in the name of your playlist.
4. Drag and drop music files into the Playlist Window.
5. Click Save Playlist to save the list.

STEP 4 - Transfer the playlist to your device
1. Click the Sync tab on the top bar.
2. Drag and drop your playlist from the left window into the Sync List window on the right.
3. Click Start Sync.

STEP 5 - Verify the playlist on the Sansa player

  1. Disconnect the Sansa player from the PC.
    2. On your Sansa player, navigate to  Music > Playlist.
    3. Check for the title of the playlist that was synchronized.

NOTE: You will NOT be able to create playlists in the device itself.