Playlists for Sansa Express - This post answers all the questions.

I just picked up a new 2GB Sansa Express and like it.

There is an issue with playlists however that isn’t covered in the Sansa literature and I’m posting this to help any users who have playlist questions.

  1. The Express can be run in MSC mode but e200 series *.pla playlists(PLP format) and *.m3u playlists are NOT supported.

  2. The ‘Go List’ is NOT exportable like on the e200 series.

  3. You do NOT need to use Windows Media Player, WinAmp or any other application to create the playlists.

  4. The easiest method for playlist creation is to set the unit to MTP mode and do the following:

    (a) With Windows Explorer, Browse to Music folder on the unit and open it.

    (b) In a second Explorer window, Open your PC music folders and drag & drop all your music folders from your PC to the open Music folder on the Express.

    (c) Open each individual folder and select the files you wish to add to a playlist. If the files are properly tagged, you can sort by track number.

    (d) Right click and select "Create Playlist’ and then enter a name for the playlist.

    (e) Select the newly created playlist, right click and select open. You can now re-arrange the songs as needed.

    (f) You can even mix songs from internal memory and an external SD card. Simply drag individual songs from different memory locations on to the open playlist window. Click OK.

    (g) Move all the individual playlists to the ‘Playlist’ folder on the Express.

  1. You can switch the unit back to MSC mode and the playlists created in MTP mode will still work in MSC mode.
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Awesome this is really helpful