Playlists in MSC mode?

I realize i should have been more specific!  I do not want to use WMP 10 or 11 or winamp to sync with my player i use stricly MSC mode!  So what i am looking for is a program that will scan the player as if it were a folder and the present me with an exact library of what is on my player that i can then drag and drop from to a seperate window to create my playlist and then save that list back to my player!

Drag the MUSIC folder and drop it on the file list grid of Playlist Creator

You can then save the playlist directly to the player.

Whoever it was that gave me the Winamp idea! Thank You! Winamp works great for scanning the player and allowing me to drag and drop files onto a m3u playlist and then save it to my player!  The program still is not as smooth as my Sanse Playlister for my e200 but it is still better then some of the other stuff i have seen out there for it!