playlist trouble

I can’t seem to get any new playlists to get on my E280. I’ve tryed dragging it to the sync list and clicking sync now, it seems to show up in the sync results, but when i check the playlists all i see is the go list.

are you using wmp10 or wmp11? Have you already tried watching the how to videos? Is the player being detected in MTP mode? We can check by going to settings on the player itself and then USB MODE, from here we can select MTP.

I am using WMP 11, and it’s in MTP mode. Yes, I have seen the how to videos and followed them to the letter before asking here. It did not work.

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I am able to do it everytime without fail. Why your WMP is not letting you I can not say for certain. How are you verifying that the player IS in fact in MTP mode? Just becuase you selected it on the player itself, does not mean the computer is reading it in mtp mode.

If you connect it to the computer after selecting mtp mode on the player, how does it appear in my computer? As a removable disk?

What if you roll back to wmp10 and try to do as the video does, does it work then?

What if you try the same process you are trying now, on another winXP computer?

when i connect it to the computer it asks if i want to sync it to the computer. i do not have access to another computer to try this.

I am aware the computer asks if you want to sync it. You can just click on cancel for that operation.

If you open up “My Computer” you should see the mp3 player listed in here.

It will show up one of two ways. Removable Disk, or Audio Device. What is it in this case?

I assure you that your players not defective, its just a matter of learning how to do it and what to look for.

it says portable media player

Instead of starting a new thread, I’m going to join in on this one.  I am experiencing the same issue with my new e280.  When I first synched the device all of my music files and playlists synched correctly.  However, I haven’t been able to get it to synch with new/altered playlists.  My computer is running WMP11 on WinXP Home Edition.  I have the sansa set to MTP mode and it displays as an audio device in the My Computer screen.  Any suggestions as to what I could be doing wrong?

Any suggestions?

What version is your firmware?  I was having trouble until I finally decided to update mine…  I’ve got the 01.02.18A and it works with WMP11.

Here’s the info from the VERSION.txt file on my e280.

Version Info: Product Rev.: PP5022AF-05.51-S301-02.18-S301.02.18A-D
Base Code: 05.51-S301-02.18-S301.02.18A-D
ODM Ver.: S301-02.18-S301.02.18A-D
OEM Ver.: S301.02.18A-D
Build Type: -D
Build Date: 2006.11.03
Build Number: (Build 32.10)

its updated alright…

try formatting the device then resync again your old playlist together with the new ones.

by the way, a song included in the first playlist cannot be a part of the next playlist.

I also keep my firmware updated.

Wait, you can’t synch a playlist with songs that are already on the sansa? that might be my problem, I can’t check it now as i’m using someone elses computer. Think there will be an update for that?

@scoarch wrote:

Wait, you can’t synch a playlist with songs that are already on the sansa? that might be my problem, I can’t check it now as i’m using someone elses computer. Think there will be an update for that?

i think it’s an issue on WMP.  i don’t know what the MS empire will do about this.

According to my recent contact with Sansa tech support, the Playlist feature can only be utilized through one of the online music stores.

However, I have discovered a way to create rudimentary Playlists using Windows Media Player.  The Sansa MP3 player will sort songs into groups based on the information listed in four of the columns of the WMP library, which are Artists, Albums, Songs and Genres.    The information for first three groups should not be changed for obvious reasons, but there is generally nothing listed in the “Genre” column and certainly nothing that can’t be changed. 

Before loading a song onto the player, clear the data, if any, in the WMP Genre column of the song you want on a Playlist and enter your preferred Playlist title, such as, Metal, Rock, Soft-Rock, Mood, Cruising, Instrumental, Dance, etc.  Now, when you access the Genre folder in the player menu, these “Playlist” titles will be listed there, with the designated songs included in each group.

The shortcoming is that only one Genre fact can be entered per song, so each song can only be included in one Playlist.  However, if pressed for an option for a second grouping of Playlists, you can always change the data in the “Album” column in WMP too.  That way, each song could be included in at least two Playlist folders.  This is better than no Playlists at all.