Can't connect e260 to WinXP in MTP mode

Hi, I’ve got an e260 and can’t seem to connect in MTP mode, which seems to be the reason I can’t transfer a playlist to my player.  I can do the individual songs of a playlist through WMP 10, but the playlist itself does not show up under Music->Playlists.  The only one there is the GoList.  Yes, I have looked at the videos and they don’t solve my problem.

So, I read through several postings and the answers and it seems that connecting in MTP mode is the way to get a playlist to transfer.  So I tried setting my player to MTP, and I can hear the tone XP plays when it recognizes a new device, but I don’t see the player anywhere under “My Computer”.  I opened up Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager and I find the player listed under “Portable Devices->Sansa e260”.  Looking at the properties of it, the status says “The drivers for this device are not installed.”.

Where do I find the device driver(s) for the player?  The CD that came with it only has the user’s guide and the media converter program as far as I can tell.  If I let XP look for it on the internet, it comes back saying it can’t be found.

I’m pretty sure I used to be able to connect MTP but I believe that was on an older laptop I no longer have. 

Any ideas about the device driver?  I assume once I can connect successfully in MTP mode, I can transfer the playlists and not just the songs ON the playlist.


The MTP drivers you need come with WMP10+.  You could try uninstalling the player in Device Manager by right clicking on it and selecting Uninstall.  Then reconnect it to see if XP installs it correctly this time around…

Almost forgot…  In WMP10, you will need to “Autosync” any playlist you try to transfer, otherwise, only the songs will transfer.  I would consider upgrading to WMP11…

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Thanks cap’n! 

I went ahead and installed WMP 11, but that didn’t solve the problem in and of its own.  I still had it showing that the device driver wasn’t installed for the device under Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager.  So I rebooted thinking maybe that was necessary after installing WMP even though it didn’t say it was.  Well, same problem after rebooting.

But, this time, when I brought up the properties of the e260 device under the Device Manager and clicked to update (or maybe it was install) the device driver and let Windows go look for one, it found one.  The MTP device driver.  So it installed and now I’m able to put the playlists over, auto-syncing them like you said. 

Thanks for the help,