e260 won't sync in WMP

I just recently formatted my e260 to statrt over and now it won’t sync any files in Windows Music Player. It says it is syncing, then when it’s done and I check the palyer there is nothing there. I have tried both MTP and MSC modes, in MTP mode the player will freeze up during sync nd I have to reset it. In MSC mose it says sync complete but then there’s nothing on the player.

Did I miss something? I thought maybe the format messed up the firmware but re installing it didn’t help. Would love to fix this issue since I like this mp3 player and really don’t want a new one.

Syncing with WMP won’t work in MSC mode. In fact, the only reason MTP mode exists at all is to “sync” with WMP.

But having said that, you know that “syncing” in not required, right? You can simply drag & drop, or copy & paste the files you want from your computer (usually stored in your My Music folder) directly to the Music folder on your player. This works much easier and is less problematic than syncing through WMP. Set your player to MSC mode to do this.

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Is there any way I can fix MTP mode? It was working fine with WMP before I formatted it.

It may be the computer, I just recently had a new motherboard and HD installed, and had to re install windows7 on the new HD. Are there any options/settings in WMP to get it to sync? I understand I can drag and drop, but I would like to use WMP if at all possible.

Just for me, I think it’s not worth the stress. I’d simply just use drag and drop. 

What version of WMP is installed with your Win 7? You may want to check; there may be some sort of update or patch on the MicroSoft website that could help in syncing with protable devices.

You could also try re-formatting the player again and manually setting the USB mode to MTP. Don’t rely on the Auto Defect Mode. You also might try manually re-applying the firmware.