Playlist problems with files in different directories

I have albums on my Clip so I like to put my albums in their own seperate folder under the ‘Music’ directory of the Clip rather than just put all the files under ‘Music’.



\Feeder (album folder)

\Yellowcard (album folder)




When I want to make a playlist containing mp3s from the ‘Music’ directory and within folders such as ‘Music\Feeder’ they don’t show up in the Clip. I have to have all .mp3s in the same directory which means I have to put all my Feeder mp3s under ‘Music’. I like to have folders for albums because it’s much more organized.

Can this be fixed?

It shouldn’t be any problem to do that.  Are you trying to create a m3u playlist in MSC mode?  If so the problem is probably the paths in the playlist file.  Sansa players require the paths to be relative to the location of the playlist.  Many playlist tools put full paths in the playlist.

In your example, if the playlist file is in the Music folder, the paths in the playlist should look like:






If the playlist file is in the root folder, the paths in the playlist should look like:






Winamp is probably the easiest way to create m3u playlists.  Just drag songs from the Clip into Winamp’s playlist editor, arrange the playlist as desired, then save it back to the Clip’s Music folder (or the root, if you prefer).

Hmm I don’t know, I like to just right click > add to playlist on the Clip but that really isn’t an easy thing to do when it comes to dragging and dropping mp3s in different folders! That’s a different story though. I don’t have Winamp… I have WMP though.

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I highly reccomend Winamp.  You’ll never go back to WMP once you realize what Winamp can do.

I guess if you need MTP and DRM support you might stick with WMP, but I strictly use MSC and haven’t had to touch WMP for years (thank goodness).