sans clip playlists

Is there an api that documents how the clip reads playlist files, where playlist files should live, how they should be formatted (I’ve seen numerous posts listing different answers to this one), etc.? I’ve tried adding playlists under Windows using WMP 11, and manually under linux, neither of which puts a playable list in my clip menu. I’ve googled, searched this forum, etc., but have not been able to get things working properly.

Thanks in advance.


 I’m using EasyTag under Kubuntu Linux with no problem.  I put all my mp3’s or directories of mp3’s into one folder.  I browse EasyTag over to scan that folder.  When I have the files in the order I won’t I click on “write playlist”.   From the playlist options I toggle on “Use relative path”, " Create playlist in parent directory",  and “Use DOS directory separator”.   When I write the playlist it’s in the parent directory so from there I just drag the playlist and the mp3 folder all into the Music folder of the clip. 

 You could just browse into the Music folder directly and make your playlists.  If you do that you don’t want to save it in the parent.