Confused about playlists

I have a Clip+ and I’ve been trying to create a playlist.  I’m running Kubuntu Linux, but also running Windows XP in a virtual machine in the same box.   Although I eventually want to manage my Clip through Linux, I’m starting with Windows because that’s the standard.

I’ve been able to create playlists in Windows Media Player and have gone through the sync procedure with no visible problems.   But when I disconnect the Clip, the playlists don’t show up anywhere that I can find them…  In particular, they aren’t in Music / Playlists.  What also confuses me is that when I look at the file structure on the Clip, there’s no sign of playlists there either.  The  Clip itself shows the Go List, but I can’t find that in the file structure.  When I do a sync, the songs are installed on the Clip but the playlists aren’t.

So I have two main questions:

  1. What do I need to do to have the playlists I create on my laptop show up in Music/Playlists on the Clip?

  2. Where are playlists supposed to appear in the file structure that’s shown when I plug the Clip into my laptop?  And why isn’t the Go LIst there?

I’m probably missing something very basic, but I don’t know what it is.  Once I get past these initial obstacles, I’ll tackle the harder problems of moving playlists from Amarok to the Clip and of figuring out how to handle classical music, where preserving the order of tracks is essential.