Odd problem when creating playlist

I’ve successfully created a couple of playlists using Winamp and was going to do one with WMP10 tonight, but here’s something strange that’s happened with WMP & Winamp also.  Maybe someone else has had the same problem.  I created the playlists using the instructions in another thread but when I go to the Playlist folder on the player and access the playlist I created, the only thing that appears is two little blocks - one on the left side of the screen, one on the right, and nothing plays.  Anyone have any idea why this is happening?  As I say, I did create a couple of playlists a few nights ago so I don’t know why it’s not being consistent  I’ve saved the playlists directly to the Sansa clip, as .m3u files.  

One other (basic) question - how do you save to the “root” file?  All I see when I access the player via computer is the Audible, Music, & Record files.

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Having played with a few playlists, what I’ve found is the two little blocks means there is something wrong with your playlist.  Not much help, I know, but then I can’t see your playlist and don’t know exactly what you did.  The clip is picky, though.  Things are simpler if you only put playlists in the MUSIC folder on the clip and use paths relative to MUSIC as indicated in the “How to create & modify M3U …” thread.

As for the Root directory (not the “root file”), well, MUSIC, AUDIBLE, RECORD and a few clip system files are in the root dir.  It is the ‘’ dir of the drive assigned to the clip when you plug it in.


In other words, the root directory is the top-most level of your player–the level that the Music, Audible and Record folders are at.

Cool, thanks to both of you for your replies - I’ll get this playlist thing worked out. It’s probably something simple because I’ve got two playlists on my player and I should be able to do it again!

(Edit) - I figured out what I was doing wrong after going back to the instructions and looking at each step.  I was dragging songs from my Roxio folder to the Winamp player, then saving as a playlist to the Clip.  Where I was messing up was I supposed to be dragging songs from the Clip into Winamp, saving as .M3U playlist back to the Clip.  Whew, glad I figured it out 'cause I hate to be whipped by technology.  :slight_smile:

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