Another Playlist problem

Hey guys,

I’m having a problem with playlists that seems a little different to the other ones - I’ve done a bit of a search and couldn’t find this exact issue.

I originally had my Clip in MTP mode and managed it with WinAmp however about 50% of all playlists I created would appear empty on the Clip (the music was there under All Files etc though).  So I reformatted and switched to MSC, but this made the problem worse - all m3u playlists I created using WinAmp, foobar2000, mp3tag and my own little playlist creator showed as empty.  The m3u’s were valid, contained in the folder with the music with relative paths and no leading slashes as below:

#EXTM3U 01 Invaders Must Die.mp3 02 Omen.mp3 03 Thunder.mp3 04 Colours.mp3 05 Take Me to the Hospital.mp3 06 Warriors Dance.mp3 07 Run With the Wolves.mp3 08 Omen Reprise.mp3 09 World's On Fire.mp3 10 Piranha.mp3 11 Stand Up.mp3

Here’s where it gets weird.  If I open ANY of the playlists in Wordpad, press save then close, they will now display properly on the Clip.  Does anyone know if Wordpad might be doing something to the formatting that could effect it?  I tried writing an extra newline at the end of a playlist in my own tool but it made no difference.

Any ideas?