File structure needed for Clip playlists

I have been doing some research on what is required to get playlists to work on the Clip.   Here is what I have found that seems to work:

1.   The song files and the .m3u playlist file all need to be together in the MUSIC subdirectory.

2.  The .m3u file needs to have the first line be “#EXTM3U

  1. In the .m3u file the 2nd and subsequent lines need to contain only the names of the songs in the playlist, but without a pathname.

I used a program called SyncTunes to help create a playlist file and move the proper songs to the Clip from my iTunes playlist.   I had to go in and move the files to the proper location, and I edited the .m3u file as described above.   When I ejected the Clip and let it restart, it seemed to have the proper playlist with the correct songs in it.

Now I’m trying to find a program that will work properly with iTunes to set things up as I described so that the Clip will be able to create proper playlists when using a Mac.

I hope this helps anyone who has been trying to figure this out.

This looks very useful, thanks!

Relying solely on ID3 tags and playlist creation is really hurting this device, IMO. Letting Clip users navigate using the folders their music is already in would be a huge step forward for usability.

I like the ID3 sorting much better. Since the songs are normally put in a folder with the albums name, you can select albums much like you would folders. If you want a different organization, modify the ID3 track’s album or genre field so the Clip sorts your songs as you like.

My last MP3 player used folder sorting and I had to rename 60 tracks in a language course to lead with the track number so they played in the proper sequence.