Playing an album according to the album playlist and not alphabetically

I bought a san disk sports plus lately to replace my old sansa mp3 player which after 5 years had stopped showing the led screen.
I was though I would be happy with the new one as it has bluetooth and other features but I am really frustrated at several important issues with the player itself -

  1. When I want to play an artist it wont play all the albums in the file but each one individually. the Sansa mp3 player had a “play all” option which I loved - this does not :frowning:
  2. Each album on the player is played alphabetically and not as the artist intended, this is real a problem on concept album which have a flow theme from song to song which means the mp3 now ruins the album and the enjoyment of listening to it as intended - for example Pink Floyd the wall or Jeff Wayne War of the worlds to name a few,.I have tens of mp3 albums that have to be played in a certain order and the new player only plays them alphabetically - how do I change this - I have tried to find something in the system and music settings but was unsuccessful - Please help.

You could search through the SanDisk Forum and read about Playlists. These are “m3u” text files that list the locations and sequence of music files you wish to play whenever you decide to choose a specific playlist within the Music Menu. You can read about how to use the software “mp3tag” or how to use a simple bat file by searching through this Forum.