More playlist questions

Hi all,

I’m trying to figure out how the different ordering options work on my Sansa m260 and have a few questions:

o With the “Play All” option selected, does anyone know what the device is using to determine out the order? As far as I can tell, the first song that’s played certainly would not fall at the beginning if it was sorted by filename, artist, album or any other criteria mentioned in the manual (btw, by filename is not).

o I created a playlist file which includes all 315 of the mp3 files on the player. However, the player shows that it’s going to play only 302 songs. How can I determine which songs it’s leaving out and ultimately, why?



Play all, in my experience… is alphabetical order based on song title.

Your 2nd question, no idea. Try a different playlist tool to see fi you get the same results maybe?

Playall is alphabetical by song title as in the tags, not the mp3 filename.  If you format your m200 before loading your playlist and use Windows Media Player 10 to transfer the playlist, your playlist should have the same number of songs as playall.  I’ve heard of some who have had success with dragging and dropping the songs and writing their own playlists, but WMP makes it so simple, it’s real easy.