How do I put songs in order how I want them.

I would like to put my songs in a special order on my MP3 Player,  can someone tell me how to do this.

I just got this thing yesterday and I am having so much fun with it.


Hope :smiley:

Hello twentyeightpaws, welcome to the SanDisk Sansa Community.

To play the songs in a certain order, you would need to create a Playlist.

I am not sure which program you use to add songs to your player, but in the link below, you will see our How-To Videos. From there, you can look for the program you use (WMP10, WMP11, Rhapsody, etc) and follow the audible and visual instructions on how to create a playlist for your m200.

I have an m240. I am using WMP11. I am trying to download a playlist.
I’ve played the referenced video. I’ve created a playlist in WMP11 as shown.
I’ve synced the playlist.

The music files (WMA) get downloaded to the m240, but no playlist appears on the m240.
What am I doing wrong?
Did I misunderstand something?
When I look for playlists on the m240 is says “no files”.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks in advance,

What mode are you in? You need to be in MTP/Auto Detect mode. If you are not the songs
may transfer but the playlist will not. Check your USB setting on the player’s settings menu
and be sure you’re in MTP/Auto Detect mode not MSC mode.

Review the How to Videos, Click Here

My personal favorite for transferring playlists is Winamp.