Still trouble with playlists on m240

I have read many, many posts on using playlists on my m240, but it still doesn’t work.
I created a playlist in windows media player and it correctly synced the songs onto the music player.  But I have tried to place the actual playlist (the wpl file) onto the player and when i try to play the playlist, it says “no files”.

I’ve tried placing the playlist in the root m240 root folder.  I’ve tried putting it in the music folder.  I’ve tried putting it into a “playlist” folder in the music folder.  Nothing.  I’m getting really tired and frustrated.  Please help!  Thanks in advance.

here are some How to videos showing how to add playlists

WMP10   WMP11

Well, I did it again, just like in the wmp10 video, but when I go to play the playlist, I still get “No Files”.  Why is the playlist document itself not being transfered?  Where should it be located? There is now a folder on the root directory called “playlists”, but it’s empty.  Should I copy the file there?  I guess I’ll try that next.

make sure you are in MTP mode. this is required for playlists.

Thanks so much for posting that WMP11 link on how to get a playlist onto your mp3!
It really helped me!

I got to thinking. I had the same problem with WMP 10. I now have WMP 11 so I
can only go on memory here. When I tried to sync my playlist with WMP 10
I did have a similar problem. I seem to remember that when I did the sync
with WMP 10 it asked me if I wanted to sync the playlist and all it’s files
or just the files. I hit the wrong one here a couple times. Spaced it out…
Anyway I don’t know if this will help but you want to make sure you
select playlist and files.

I think I understand this problem…just happened to me this week.  When you plus the usb to your computer and to your Sandisk Sansa m240…none of the music files show up.  Windows media or whatever program will say no files on this device or something to that degree.  What you need to do is turn on your sandisk sansa m240, go to menu, then settings, then the USB option, then make sure the setting is on auto detect and not MSC.  Once that is changed, your music files should show right up.  Hope this helps!