Player not recognized by my MAIN computer, but works fine with 2 others.

Any ideas why I can’t get the player to synch with my desktop computer? It used to work fine, but now when I plug it in, I get the 3 low tone kiss of death warning and instead of synching, it just turns on after a few seconds and starts playing. It doesn’t show up as a portable device. I’ve tried different USB ports, same porblem. I can get it to work fine with both my notebooks, home and work.

So why don’t I just synch it with one of my notebooks and shut up? Most of my music is on the desktop.

Have you tried a System Restore to an earlier date that works or maybe you could try to network your notebook to your desktop and get your music that way. Just a thought.

I’ve never had any luck with system restore. There’s always some reason why it won’t work. I’m trying to think if there is any new software that might have caused the problem. I might try the networking. Thanks for the suggestion.

Welcome. We have a 500GB external hard drive that holds most of our extra “stuff” and with the networking we have a central place to retrieve files. Good Luck.

I already have an external drive connected to the computer. I have been keeping my music in MY MUSIC folder, so maybe the easiest solution is to move my music over to the external if I can’t figure out what the issue is with this computer. Thanks again.

I have this same problem … I normally sync with my “main” desktop computer and it has always worked just fine. THere have been no changes to the desktop … WinXP Pro. I only use my laptop to charge the Express on the road.

Now the desktop won’t recognize the Express, or charge it, while the laptop works just fine … but my music in on the desktop!

Any hints. I would like to re-do the drivers on the desktop, but NOT update firmware (there are some songs on my Express that I no longer have access to and I don’t want to lose them). How would I go about that?