Express and PC problems

OK, this is kind of weird but I will try and explain…

my Express will not connect to my PC

when I plug it in it comes up as the mtp device, and says its all working OK


it does not show up on the PC anywhere, even in the device manager

instead of charging the Express just plays music like its not even connected to the USB

I use vista on my PC and I have checked the USB ports on my PC and there all working OK

I have tried using the sansa updater tool, but it just says that theres no sansa product detected on the PC.

I have also tried the reflashing it (holding the volume buttons down)…this just recognizes it as the number instead of the mtp and im back to square one! I have also formatted incase something on it was causing the problem.

as far as I can tell, it is not because of vista, as my brothers PC also uses vista and it works OK.

on his PC, it charges but sometimes it will not let me move the files.

my express used to work fine on both pcs

any help is greatly appreciated

Bunnyhog xxx

If you player is working fine on different pc there is a possibility that the issue is on your computer, here is what I can suggest, try to update the firmware of this player on the computer that is working fine and after that try it on your computer, and to update the firmware of you player follow this step and just follow the link;\_id/446/kw/sansa%20express%20firmware%20update/r\_id/101834