Having Trouble Putting Music onto Sansa Express

Ok, so I’ve had my Sansa Express for about a year, and after taking my computer to the shop, I’ve had issues.  Related to my Sansa Express, the computer recognizes it, and I can acess the files on it, and I can delete files from it, but when I try putting music onto it, it doesn’t work.  If I try dragging an mp3 in there, it starts the copy dialog box, and nothing happens.  If I try using Windows Media Player, it will start the sync animation and says “Preparing to sync…”, but nothing happens.  I can get part of the song on there if I try to sync just one song, but that’s it.  I’m at a loss here to figure it out, so does anyone have an idea?

Have you try to use device on another computer? I am facing same kind of problem. previously it was working fine in my PC but suddenly it not allowing me to copy any thing. but same is working fine on another PC.

Might be drive issue. any suggestion?