Synching taking REALLY long time.

I just purchased the M240 (my first MP3 Player), and I am really surprised how long it takes to sych a song into my MP3 Player. It is literally taking 5-8 minutes PER SONG.

  The frustrating thing is that when I put a list of multiple songs in to synch, it will show it synch up to 100% on the first song almost immediately, but then sit there idle for 5-6 minutes before moving to the next song on the list. That pattern then continues down the entire list.

I am using:

Windows XP

Windows Media Player 11

  NOTE: I do NOT have a 2.0 High Speed USB Port on my PC.

Any suggestions on how to speed it up would be GREATLY appreciated.
Thank You

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what if you just drag and drop your songs through windows explorer, is the result the same?

i have absolutely same problem but when my music finally got synced it losses all id3 [info like artist name,album,year]

I’m having the exact same problem on my new PC.  My old PC was absolutely fine but with the new PC file uploads can take hours for just 10 files, while it used to be over for 1GB of music within a few minutes!  This computer even has a faster processor. No high-speed USB ports though… much like my old PC. I have no idea what the problem is though, I’m sorry. I’m trying to work it out myself as I am having the EXACT same problem even with the latest update for my player.

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What OS is in your old computer compared to the new one?

Both are Windows XP, but my new one is Media Edition with a faster processor. I don’t have a high speed USB port on either.

Well I Emailed support and they told me to reformat it… and I did. And I’m still getting the same problem. It’s been about 1 hour since I started trying to put files onto the player (after formatting, every file is removed) and  it isn’t even 50% done yet!  It started by saying 38 minutes remaining, and now, 1 hours later, it says 30 minutes remaining and is barely a quarter of the way through the files!

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