long time to sync

How come the sansa takes so long to sync?  Takes about 10 minutes to do 153 songs on one list. And even when i add only 1 new song to that list, still takes that long.  I sync the Sony mp3 & takes about 1-2 minutes. Can this be fixed?

Why Sync? Why not just copy and paste files to the player? Are you using Windows Media Player to sync? Often unexpected results occur when syncing, and many more things are sent to player than one wants.

Things that you want  can also be taken off the player when syncing. By copying and pasting to the player, you can control exactly what is going to the player. Syncing often leads to frustration. I suggest not using it.

Yes, windows media. I sync cuz I have playlists for my zumba class, and I need the playlists separated, cuz I play different songs for different classes.

There are other ways to create and/or add playlists other than by syncing.

is it normal to take so long to sync???

@saloncuts wrote:

is it normal to take so long to sync???

I wouldn’t know; I haven’t messed around with that nonsense in years. Life’s too short. :smileyvery-happy:

Do you mean sync, or a SanDisk Clip database refresh?  A refresh can take long, depending on the amount of files, and the complexity of the folder/file structure and ID3 tags.