Photo Back up stops after 85 photos are transfered


I got new 64 gb wireless stick and I have I phone 6 (Updated to latest os)

Whe I try to auatomaticaly backup photos, It backs up only 85 and stops. Even manula transfer after that is not possible.

I have cheked and update FIRMWARE to latest as well.

can someone help?


How much free/available memory space do you have on your phone? If it’s low, there may not be enough to copy the photos first before transferring.

Also do you ahve any videos or slo-mo videos in the camera roll? 

Hi Sandisk support:

I have a new 200GB connect

running iOS 10.02 on iPhone 7

Phone capacity: 150gb free

Connect with latest firmware

iphone photo library is 58 GB

I have done a hardware rest of the Connect, removed/reinstalled the app.

some result - somewhere between 80-700 photos saved and then it appears to stop.