Camera Roll Backup and transferring pics

I am having trouble getting all of my pictures from my phone onto the disk. I turned on camera roll back up and it only transferred 210 pictures of 2800.  I have tried to transfer the pictures individually and it just keeps buffering. Any suggestions or help is greatly apprecitated. I have the 200gb and I have talked with sandisk customer support who were not able to help either.

Thank you

are the pictures actually on the phone or on they on iCloud? When you open the iOS pictures app if you see All pictures as one of the albums you have iCloud photo sharing turned on. The WS app cannot backup pictures stored on the cloud it can only backup pictures stored locally. 

If you only see camera roll in the iOS pictures app then iCloud photo sharing is turned off. If this is the case all the pics should be stored locally. Try transferring them in smaller chunks. See if that helps. 

Thank you so much for explaining this!  It looks like I do have icloud turned on. Should I turn it off?  When I go to that it asks if I want a copy of the icloud photo library to this phone. What should I do?  Thank you

it really depends on what you are looking to do. If you are not using the cloud service you can turn it off. If it asks you if you want to copy the files from the cloud to the phone make sure you have enough free space. If you do once that is done you can use the WS app to backup all the pictures then you can delete them from your phone if you need to free up space. 

Thank you again!  I will look into that and see how it goes. Hopefully I can get this to work.  Disapointing that the sandisk support guy that I chatted with never had a solution like this!  Thank you

I am experiencing same problems with my sandisk connect 64 gb , i close the icloud photo library and photo sharing and still camera roll backup doesnt work at all . try to reset try to update firmware and no luck at all . I am really disappointed with this product and software with comes with it . How can i software doesnt show the battery with percantage also .  I hope someone from sandisk read this post and find a solution for these problems .