Camera roll timeout error

New idpand 32g trying to copy al photos to disk. Copies about 10 then says camera roll timeout error. Anyone have a solution?

I’m having the exact problem and have been onto Sandusky customer services who seem not to know why this is happening! I have had two of their devices for way over a year and been down loading pictures from my iPhone with no problem! Suddenly the message appeared using both devices after only a few pictures transferred then it stopped! I tried to use both on my large iPad and the same happened! They say they will replace the units but I feel it maybe due to an Apple update version clashing with the devices operating files! What do you think??

Your iPhone try’s to get your photos from iCloud and iCloud is too slow downloading your pics. If you turn off cellular and wireless then try to backup photos, you will see that your phone was talking to iCloud. I don’t know how to fix this.