iXpand 3 not coping photos from phone to iXpand

I have been trying to move the photos off my iPad to the iXpand. Below is the path of operations I followed and the results. From time to time one photo will move over to the iXpand from the iPad but there seems to be no rime nor reason when it works. The auto backup doesn’t work at all. It sets for hours doing nothing but locking up everything. I have rebooted, reloaded and powered off and on no change. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.  image.jpg

are the files stored locally on the phone or are they on the cloud?

when you open the native camera app and choose Albums, do you see All pictures or Camera roll?

Are the pictures normal pictures taken on the iPad or are they from other source or have they been edited in anyway? 

You can also contact sandisk support and send them the debug logs. If you go to view files and pull down on the screen a search box will appear. IN the latest iXpand drive app 4.0.0 search sandisklogs. This will open your default email client with the log attached. Attach that log to your support request.

I will make that contact. 

More re than half the files are taken by this iPad and are stored on its memory. 

as for editing I can’t remember if any were edited or not but I am positive that all were not edited. 

My next question then would be, why can’t it copy all JPG pictures?  

It it make no sense to sell a storage device parked as a thumb drive or something like an SD drive and it not be a true iOS drive. I bought it to clear space on my iPad and so far it’s only taken more of my space. 

Thank you you for the information, but it sounds like their going to tell me I’m screwed AGAIN. 

I’m sorry but I’m feeling really stupid right now. 

I have 4.0.0 as stated and I went to view files and pulled down the search box. I don’t see anything to copy any place or know what to do to contact SanDisk directly. 

Im very frustrated right now just wondering if I’m just getting to old for this stuff, but as it’s the only type of communications anymore what can I do?

Sorry but it just isn’t connecting. ???

It should be able to see and transfer all files in the camera roll or on iCloud however sometimes slo-mo videos or edited pictures can cause some unexpected behavior. 

You can use the following link to submit the support request to sandisk support http://kb.sandisk.com/app/ask/ 

To get the debug log go to view files. Once on that screen you will need to pull down the the list of folders to reveal the search bar. In the search bar type sandisklogs and press search. This will open your default email client on the iOS device with a log attached. Send that log to yourself and attach it to the support request when you submit the support request to sandisk support. Also include a detailed description of the issue you are facing in the support request. 

You can always contact sandisk support by phone and they will be happy to walk you through the process. 866-SANDISK

 I am having almost the exact same experience trying to free space on my iPhone SE. 

 Was it ever resolved? 

 I have invested $60 and many hours in this project, and have only managed to copy four out of 900 photos. It seems to me that this product is fraudulently marketed 

 Not easy, not fast, not storing the photos that I bought it to store. Have you gotten any solution to your problem?