Transferring photos

I purchased the IXpand sandisk to transfer photos from my computer to my IPad. This was so I could use the photos in an app for Scrapbooking. I now have the photos on my IPad however I can’t seem to transfer the photos from the scan disk app to the Scrapbooking app to be able to use it.

If I can’t transfer photos then the IXpand sandisk is of no use to me.

Can someone please advise?

Thank you


are the picture in .jpg format? if so you can save them to the camera roll. once there the scrapbook app should be able to open them. 

Also if the scrapbook app has the sharing extension enabled you could share them from the ixpand app to the scrapbook app. 

Thank u for yr help. Have managed to work it out. Being a pensioner these things can take time!