Compatibility with Olympus RAW files (.ORF)

Can iXpand handle Olympus RAW files(.ORF) and can they, or at least the thumbnails, be viewed in iXSpand sync?

No the iXpand does not support Olympus raw format. You may be able to use the iOS open in feature to open the file in another app that does support this file type. 

Here is a list of compatible formats. 

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Hi drlicky. Thanks for the prompt reply.  Just to confirm that despite this limitation am I correct in believing that the .ORF files will be saved to the SanDisk iXpand and therefore effectively the iXpand will act as a backup disc ?

If you transfer the files to the iXpand they will be stored on the iXpand. You will not be able to open the pictures in the iXpand app but if you transfer the pictures to the iXpand they will be saved there.

Where are you trying to transfer the pictures from? iOS has a limitation that only allows third party apps access to the camera roll so if the pictures are on an iOS device and not in the camera roll the iXpand app may not have access to them to transfer them to the iXpand drive. 

Hi drlucky

The Raw files have been imported off the SD card via the Camera Connection Kit and appear in Photos on the iPad as well as being in the iCloud photo library. I just want to get them off the iPad to create some space when the iPad becomes full and therefore they would, as I understand it, be deleted from the iCloud Photo Library as well. Hence I want them in iXpand.  I don’t mind if I can’t see them on iXpand as long as they are backed up somewhere in case something happens to my SD cards.

It sounds like it will work for you. as long as the files are in your photos on the iOS device you should be able to transfer them to the iXpand.

On a side note. I do not think deleting the files from the iOS device will remove them from the cloud. I could be wrong here or that may be a setting to sync the content but if you are not syncing the content the data should stay on the cloud even if removed from the iOS device. 

Thanks drlucky. I am going to give it a try and see what happens and let you know the result ! 

It works as you say and when an image is removed from the iOS device it is also removed from the cloud if the settings are set to sync.

Many thanks for  your help, I will be using the iXpand Flash Drive, it is well made, compact and the software is straight forward and intuitve.

I realize this is an old post, but it is the most relevant to my question.

Can you confirm that the iXpand app does indeed transfer RAW image files along with JPEG files from the iOS device to the iXpand drive?  It was not clear to me from this discussion that this is the case.

Like you, I transfer RAW+JPEG images from a camera SD card to an iOS device (iPad Pro) using the Apple lightning camera adapter.  I want to save those RAW images to the iXpand drive while traveling when I don’t have access to the Internet or a PC.


 I normally only shoot RAW.  The few times I have shot RAW + JPEG iXpand appears only to import the JPEG file.