SanDisk Wireless Connect Stick not making large transfers

I’ve just got a brand new Wireless Connect Stick. If I transfer a single photo from my iPhone 6 to the stick, it works fine, but as soon as I try to transfer 10 or more photos it does’nt work - it says ‘transferring’ but nothing happens.

Same problems with a big video file, or attempting a back-up of all the photos.

Can you help?

for the video files how long did you wait? the max transfer speed for the stick is only 6Mb/s so large videos will take a while to transfer. 

when you are trying to transfer many files at once does it seem to hang on any particular file? if you try to transfer that file by itself will it transfer normally? 

were all the files taken on the iPhone or are they from other sources? are there any edits or filters on any of the files? Live photos? 

have you tried the stick on any other iOS device? do you see similar issues there?

also I would suggest uninstalling the connect drive app and reinstall. once that is done power cycle the phone and try the transfers again. 

Hi Dr Lucky, thanks for your reply.

I tried video files a few times, waiting 10 or more minutes for small 10MB videos…

When I’m going for a large number it doesn’t even transfer the first one. But if I then just send the first one individually it transfers fine.

All taken on iPhone, none with filters or ‘live’.

I don’t have another iOS device to try it on…

I’ll try your suggestion of reinstalling the app and power cycling the phone, thank you!

Any other thoughts?